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The essentials of GA 2023 in the world


June 7, 2023

9:30 am – 10:30 am webinar

Bénédicte Hautefort, co-founder of Scalens, will present
the substantive and formal results of this 2023 season, using data from our benchmark database

Attendance is up remotely and down in situ; the «virtual» or hybrid format is gaining ground in all countries, despite the reluctance of shareholders, especially in Germany

Longer Q&A sessions, with a significant share of human capital topics

More session incidents, in all countries, linked to the contestation of climate strategies

Increased number and approval scores for dissenting resolutions, on Climate, Governance, and the emergence of new Human Capital topics; more frequent and more organized meetings between unions, NGOs and protesting investors

Generalization of the integration of «shareholder proposals» approved by the Board between the first and second agendas, in all countries except France; a new field of direct dialogue between companies and major shareholders, without «proxies

More rejections of proposals from companies, on compensation and governance issues – financial authorizations, on the other hand, pass better than before

This webinar will be held in French – Documentation will be provided in English

Tarif pour les non abonnés

900 / personne

Tarif pour les abonnés à la Veille

750 / personne