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January 2023 Scalens releases Investigate, first technological bridge with your investors

2023 opens with an ambivalent atmosphere, between good results and the continuation of the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, inflation and concerns about the future.

Despite the difficulties or because of them, you have reinvented your business models. You are even more agile, closer to your customers, more digital. With Scalens Investigate, you are bringing your investors on board this revolution.

Scalens Investigate is the first technological bridge with your investors.

Target and engage in dialogue with your investors. You target yourself who you want to meet, from several tens of thousands of verified contacts, to be explored according to the criteria of your choice. You mobilise the full power of Scalens’ AI to profile your target investors, based on our qualitative and behavioural data. You identify precisely the fund manager you are interested in, and you establish a direct link, by email or by video. Your work is smoother, simpler and faster.

Anticipate their expectations based on our exclusive behavioural data. After the meeting, you have their feedback, anonymous or not, and you can put this feedback into perspective with the standards of the sector, of the moment or of your history. On the same platform, you also have access to the minutes of your peers’ results or meeting presentations, broker notes and all publicly asked questions, in order to take into account the market’s opinion of you and your peers. We always attend all the meetings and results presentations we cover – 1400 companies now.

Track the effectiveness of your work. Scalens Investigate provides you with simple reporting on your investor base, which you can share internally with your executive committee or board of directors, in part or in full.

Your Dashboard now covers 1400 companies and 12 countries in Europe, the UK and the US, with more than 40 investor meetings already taking place in January. Your other usual graphs are on the website.

To close your weekly summary today, we present you the new version of the Afep Medef Code, which includes a large number of extra-financial issues, and especially climate change.

Scalens Academy’s calendar is full, it has never scheduled so many sessions. Our next meeting is on 12 January, with Herbert Smith Freehills, for a session dedicated to activism.

Finally, the invitation to our annual meeting, on 26 January, to explore the topics of the upcoming AGMs, with Deloitte, the AMF, ISS, Glass Lewis, the AFG and Segalen & Associés. Access is free, with prior registration, and we expect to see many of you there as always.

Until then, please take care of yourself, your family, your friends and your team.

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