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Bénédicte Hautefort’s editorial

You are CEO, CFO, corporate secretary, IRO of a listed company. Today, you are confident because you know that you can rely on us, Scalens, to make your stock market life easier, even in though times.

Stock market life is about reassuring markets that you are meeting everyday challenges and those that are added this year, inflation, energy challenges, dollar, difficulties in recruiting. Scalens creates digital solutions to make this part of your life simple, fast and efficient.

One example: “energy efficiency” is on everyone’s lips. To highlight your efforts, Boardata is your solution. Boardata is our benchmarking software dedicated to listed companies, with dozens of new criteria on “energy policy” just released. Boardata replicates the investor’s perspective, benchmarks your performance against peers of your choice among 700 listed companies throughout Europe, of all sizes and in all sectors. One click gives you access to your competitive positioning on this year’s announcements in terms of energy reduction commitments, pollution reduction targets, natural resource conservation, biodiversity, waste reduction and Paris Agreement compliance. You see what the investor sees. It’s on Boardata, and it’s nowhere else.

The “Big Quit” and the challenge to recruit and retain employees is your other major pain point. On this subject too, Boardata has some fresh benchmarks on your achievements and goals concerning employees, their training, their presence in governance bodies, and well-being at work.

And then there’s your stock price, under pressure in September. This year, it is more important than ever to let people know that you are doing well and your business is performing very well. So Scalens has released a new digital platform for you to reach out to the right investors : targeting according to your criteria, direct connection with our unrivalled CRM database, online feedback after your meetings, and an immediate perspective on your peers’news.

Because we are, like you, the best in our field, we are honored to sponsor the 2022 edition of the IR Magazine European Forum, on October 6th in Paris. We will present all our digital solutions to simplify your life as a listed company.

Benchmark, contact, act: with Scalens, it’s easy. Have a good back-to-school season!

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